Sherman Afterschool "Sharks Until Dark" administered by BACR


What is Sharks Until Dark and what does it mean to be administered by BACR (Bay area community resources)?

Sharks Until Dark is the name for our afterschool program at Sherman Elementary. The afterschool program at Sherman is administered by Bay Area Community Resources. BACR's website can be found at


What does Sharks Until Dark provide?

Sharks Until Dark runs from 1:50pm (immediately following the end of the school day) to 6:00pm, five days a week. We offer safe, quiet spaces for homework, extra academic support, mind-bending enrichment classes (such as science, art, dance, cooking, theater, and digital media), great snacks, and time to run around and play.  Our program is a space for kids to be themselves, explore new ideas, get involved in their community, become leaders, and make new friends.

Sharks Until Dark also runs special events at least once a month that are open to the entire school. Our theme-based curriculum will be designed around these different events.  Some of what you can look forward to during the first semester are our Pajama Jammy Jam, Lights on Afterschool, Halloween Carnival, Multicultural Potluck, and Winter Extravaganza!

Want to see us in action? Check out the Sharks Until Dark blog! (For registered families, password required.)


Who runs Sharks Until Dark at Sherman?

Becca Vershbow, Program Manager  - Becca is responsible for the support and oversight of the afterschool program at Sherman.  As Program Manager she is the link between BACR and Sharks Until Dark (SUD), supervises the Program Coordinator, and ensures the quality of programming.  Becca has worked with afterschool programs in the Bay Area for about a decade, specializing in Arts and Service Learning. She has been at Sherman for a majority of this time and enjoys being an integral part of the community. When she isn't at the school, Becca is painting, hiking, or running around the city with friends.

Marta Walsh, Administrative Coordinator - is responsible for the day to day operations of the program including enrollment, schedules, and school day alignment.

Adria Destefano & Roosevelt Pye, Program Co-Coordinators - Both support the day to day operations of the program and staff supervision

For questions and information:

Please call our primary phone number at 415-565-9885.

Becca Vershbow:
Cell: 202-210-6491

Marta Walsh:

Adira Destefano:

Roosevelt Pye:


how much does sharks until dark cost?

Below tuition costs are for the 2019-2020 school year:

  • 5 days a week full tuition- $460/month (sibling discount $425/month)

  • 3 Days a week full tuition - $300/month (sibling discount $280/month)

  • 2 Days a week full tuition - $225/month (sibling discount $200/month)

  • Kinder fees are slightly higher due to smaller student/teacher ratio ($500/$350/$275 with sibling discounts also available)

  • SUD also offers a Scholarship price for families who qualify for free & reduced lunch- this is one payment of $235 for the school year (scholarship families can choose to break it up into multiple smaller payments)

How do I enroll my child in Sharks Until Dark?

Click here to fill out the online enrollment form for 2019-2020.

Tutorial Videos on how to enroll:

User Requests: Registration:

BACR is still solidifying a few things with our new signup system; families will soon be able to pay for registration & setup recurring payments.

Afterschool Classes at Sherman Elementary

Sharks Until Dark also coordinates a variety of Afterschool Classes that run from 1:50pm to 3:00pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Course offerings change based on demand, but include classes such as Chess, Guitar, Martial Arts, Tree Frog Treks, Yoga, and more. These classes are offered for a fee to all Sherman students regardless of whether they are enrolled in Sharks Until Dark.

Click here to print Afterschool Classes enrollment form from SharkNet.