An amazing and diverse San Francisco K-5


We <3 our school

Founded in 1892 as a country school among the pastures of Cow Hollow, Sherman has blossomed into one of San Francisco's premier neighborhood elementary schools, attracting students from throughout the city because of its impressive track record and facilities.  Our Spanish-style building at the intersection of Union and Franklin street dates back to 1928.



Awesome students

Sherman students excel academically, ranking in the top 10% among California and San Francisco schools on state-mandated tests.  The school's seasoned instructors and principal inspire their young pupils to have a respect for self, for each other, and for learning that will benefit them throughout their academic careers.


Great community

The Sherman community enjoys many fun events throughout the year that keeps us all together - like Sherman's Halloween Pumpkin Festival, monthly Family Garden Days, Family Movie Nights, and much more.  Strong Sherman friendships extend beyond school through activities like sports teams and parent gatherings.

Principal Sara Shenkan-Rich

Principal Sara Shenkan-Rich's Philosophy & Goals

Learning is a celebration at Sherman Elementary School. Our highly qualified and dedicated teaching staff ensures that every child’s learning, both academic and social, is the key focus of all that we do.  Our child-friendly program with its diverse experiences and differentiated curriculum meet the needs of all students. It’s no surprise that Sherman’s students are succeeding and closing the achievement gap.

Every child deserves a high quality rigorous education that prepares them to enter the university of their choice regardless of their demographic or zip code.

Learning is fun!

In elementary school, our job is to continue to develop a child's natural curiosity and make coming to school what an 8 year old's life is all about.

Through service and learning, we create good citizens who are aware of the world around them and work to right inequalities.

Schools serve as a beacon for the community to unite and break racial, class, and religious boundaries.

Schools should be used at all times to meet the needs of a community. Parenting classes, ESL classes, school and community festivals and computer classes allow us to reach out to our community! 

Sherman serves as the center of the community!

Our garden enhances the community around us!

All Sherman students will achieve and surpass our learning goals for them if we as a school set high academic and social expectations, differentiate our curriculum, create a school culture that prizes learning, celebrate curiosity and critical thinking skills, provide extra curricular activities, and make learning apply to our students through real life experiences!

Join us as part of the Sherman community and experience an outstanding education.  Sherman is a unique gem in the San Francisco Unified School District.

High expectations

Teachers and schools need to differentiate learning to meet students' diverse needs and continuously challenge students to expand their knowledge base 

It's all about the relationships! Students learn when they feel safe. I strive to know all students' and families’ names and work hard to build lasting and meaningful relationships with them

Students need a variety of creative and experiential learning experiences that develop and speak to their passions. This will create strong citizens who prize diversity and seek out learning opportunities.

We meet student’s diverse needs and make learning come alive by creating schools with language programs, gardens, dance programs, orchestras, sports, science, and more! Sparking student’s passions makes school fun and begins a life long learning adventure. One never knows where a student’s passion lies so we have to meet as many as we can now!